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根据2012年7月25日纪律委员会传讯,乔·乔治亚在一月于布莱克浦举行的“Sky Snooker”单局限时赛与马修·塞尔特的比赛中存在违反赌球规则嫌疑。来自莱斯特地区的两个与乔·乔治亚相识的投注者对于塞尔特赢得比赛进行大量下注。


乔治亚遭到禁赛两年的处罚,并且勒令交付2000英镑的听证与调查费用。乔治亚在纪律委员会允许范围内对判决进行上诉,上诉听证定于2012年11月21日(周三)在英国体育仲裁(Sport Resolutions UK)指派的独立律师监督下进行。2012年11月19日(周一),乔·乔治亚撤回上诉,原判生效。


WPBSA Statement - Joe Jogia

22nd November 2012

On 25th July 2012 at a WPBSA Disciplinary Hearing, Joe Jogia was found to be in breach of the Members Betting Rules in relation to his match with Matthew Selt at the Sky Snooker Shootout in Blackpool in January 2012. The circumstances were that a large number of bets were placed in the Leicester area by two persons known to Joe Jogia on Selt to win the match.

At the time of the bets being placed and after the suspicious betting was discovered, Joe Jogia contacted the two persons placing the bets 77 times. When the suspicious betting came to light he withdrew from the match citing an injury. Jogia could not explain his contact with

these people or the suspicious betting.

He received a two-year ban from snooker and was ordered to pay £2,000 towards the costs of the investigation and hearing. As is allowed under the Disciplinary Rules, he appealed against the finding and the penalty, supported by the Snooker Players Association. An appeal hearing was set for Wednesday 21st November 2012 before an independant Barrister appointed by Sport Resolutions UK. On Monday 19th November 2012, Joe Jogia withdrew his appeal and the original finding stands.

Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the WPBSA, said: "It is disappointing that Joe chose to go down the route of an appeal that in the view of our legal advisors had no substance to it. This has forced the WPBSA to bear significant legal costs in preparation for the appeal. It is my view that the the action taken by the WPBSA in this case shows a zero tolerance to breaches of the Betting Rules".